Cadaqués Connection: "Blood and Wine"

Holy Week '99

-Being God, Being God, Being God is not a blasphemy but runs contrary to that possibility of which God truly forms parts of our world of substance, not merely of the soul, but of matter, too.

-Long live! Salvador Dalí. Le Chien Catalan...

-Thank you very much.

-Being, the only reason of being is to demystify art, and to urge indulgence instead of christian abstinence. Truth and reality are best. Art is only fiction, a lie. A terrorist action, a plane crash is a thousand times more exciting to our brain waves than any painting by Michelangelo or Titian. That's what we want: Reality or nothing. Poetry without rethoric.

-What a mervelous fellow; like a sandwich it is, like a hamburger: that is beginning with the sky then in the middle is the more or less raw part of a botifarra catalana and then a white bread sky again. Thus, for the same price you get heaven, hell in the middle and heaven again. There was someone with what I call complete moral courage and who knew everything that was to be known on earth.

-The most fanatic in the World, it translates to perfection my eternal desire to castrate this uniformed society, so vulgar, boring and pedantic. This is exactly what The Vagina is about. Vagina Dentata Organ!

-Man is born from a foul-smelling cave. All of us are born out of that horrible tunnel.

-With The Vagina, I express reality through reality. We package reality.

-Steal the secrets of the eternal memory!

-I'm no thief, terrorist nor anarchist, but a nihilist fascinated with the urge to destroy. It's the only way to get to the core, the nucleous of things. Art is a fake, useless and dead. But I totally agree with you, art is great for making money...

-I will not have anyone being more Dalí than Dalí.

-Your Universe is a paroxysmatic stimulant to help us to become mercenaries of our own imagination, and to demystify art for ever.

-Hyper, Hyper, Hyper, sybaritic hyper-realism.

-I already told you so, art is elitist and pedantic, it's only good for making money, and that's the only thing we both agree with...

-When I hear the sound of gold coins and silver dollars flowing like a divine diarrhea, I fall asleep in the most angelic way my organism permits.

-We're mercenaries of our own imagination, totally free of any control imposed by reason.

-From the point of view of the imagination it must be said that Creation is a big nothing.

-I'm anticreator with unstopable urge for destruction. Here is why the importance of blood in my works. The voracious Vagina, sexual, violent, abominable, is our desire to spit blood, to avenge the endogenous infantilism of humankind. All these years, my destructive impulse is a feeling that for me has been stronger than my creative urge...

-Destroy! Destroy! I beg of you don't pay it any compliments. Destroy!

-I'm only interested in destruction, violence and visceral provocation against this general anaesthesia that surrounds us.

-It's the greatest corruption.

-No! It's our war. Against Collectivity for Individualism. Against Uniformity for Differentiation. Against everything and everybody... Cadaques. I need the metaphysical dynamism of the Mediterranean to get endorphines into my brain.

-One hasn't finished the trip.

-It's a trip to nowhere. Everything is inside my brain, where I have an empty hole that gives me extreme unsociable sensations of sex and violence.

-Doctor Gabor discovered the very face of memory replenishing the fluid of a brain canal. Such an operation leaves as without a past, without a present, without a future. I can only say one things as I look upon my memory and yours in an immense hologram...

-Tell me, Dali, tell me, Le Chien Catalan!

-... If I were God I would not be Dalí.

-If you were God, more than anyone, because my work is a sacred hoste, where I deliver my body and my blood, I would only be the priest.

-A sad risk to take being more than anyone else. Being God.


This conversation could have taken place in any corner of Cadaques, but mainly in two places: The Maritim, staying up at cocktail time: Jordi Valls drinking absinthe, Dali dipping his finger into his pink champagne; or in S'Alqueria, the beach next to Port Lligat, sitting down on the pebbles, well dressed under the sun.

Dalí: Salvador Dalí.

Jordi Valls: Vagina Dentata Organ.

Dali's speach is extracted in order of apparition from Être Dieu: Opera-Poem, Audio-visual and Catarrah in six parts (1974).

Jordi Valls' speach is extracted from Fenici (# 0, October 1985), "Money for E... (remix by Jack The Tab)" (Beyond Thee Infinite Beat, Psychic TV, 1989), Factory (# 9, January-March, 1996), "Menstruation" (El Cadàver Exquisit, 1996) and Life Without Sex (special issue dedicated to Vagina Dentata Organ, 1997).

There is no need to explain the established relationship between Dali and Valls as a result of Surrealism, the mercenary spirit, the Catalan or Andalusian dog, the many sojourn of Valls in Cadaques, Valls' veneration for Dali, the impossible Dali's veneration for Valls: The sound of Un Chien Catalan being played inside Dali's Museum in February this year!, the last frontier: money...

[Originally published in Catalan in the 'Audiopoètiques 2' magazine - 'in situ' (Talp Club, Reus, 1999.].


casino de cadaqués, photo by Albert Heras

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